Put Your Household Items in Storage During Renovations

Storage during home renovation

We’ve all been spending increased time inside our homes these days and a lot of us have been bitten by the renovation bug. Although the pandemic has made some renovation supplies harder to come by, the fact that no one is travelling (or coming to visit) is a good motivator to make some improvements. Starting a project might be exciting and fun, but actually completing the project can be difficult and stressful; that’s where Jay’s comes in!

Whether you are doing renovations to just one room, a couple of spaces or the entire house, you will undoubtedly want to clear out your belongings in order to complete the work. Living in a construction zone can be challenging but coping with the clutter of displaced items doesn’t have to be one of them!

We have helped quite a few families deal with renovation chaos by picking up their temporarily displaced household goods and putting them in storage until the renos are completed.

Storing your furniture and other household items during renovations makes it easier to get the job done. When the construction crew doesn’t have to work around and trip over your stuff, they can be faster and more efficient, which can save you money, plus, your valuable items won’t be in danger of sustaining damage related to the renos. Don’t let your home renovation cause any more stress than it needs to, call Jay’s and ask us about storage services.