Our Cartons Explained

moving boxes

Our boxes are available in various sizes – each designed to hold a specific volume.

Two-cubic foot boxes are best for heavier items like books. Boxes that hold 4 cubic feet are great for packing things like toys or pots & pans; and 5 cubes are perfect for bulkier items such as Tupperware, towels, or bedding.

Did you know we carry specially designed boxes for china? They are incredibly strong. To pack your dishes, you will also need bubble wrap or packing paper to protect your breakables and fill any empty space.

Moving your closet items can be arduous, but not when you have our wardrobe cartons – they come with an insertable rod and function as a closet in a box.

We have specialized mirror cartons and tv cartons as well. Ask your moving consultant about our carton refund program.