We’ll wrap your belongings with furniture pads to make sure they arrive safe and sound. We also put down floor runners to protect your floors.

A: We can typically handle beds, tables, dresser mirrors and other standard furniture. Items that may require a third-party service include treadmills, ellipticals, trampolines, dollhouses, washer and dryer blocking kits and any other pieces that need special attention.

Nah, we got this. Our crew will remove the drawers and carry them out separately if the dresser is too heavy, and then replace them once the dresser is loaded in the transport vehicle. Just remember to remove any fragile or heavy items first.

Yes. We use specialty mattress bags to seal mattresses and box springs during transportation.

And make you spend your first night in your new place hunting down bedsheets? We wouldn’t do that to you! Cartons are labelled by room and dropped off in their rightful place. If any cartons do sneak through unmarked our movers will ask you where you’d like them.

Set them aside on moving day and we’ll make sure they find a good home! We’ve teamed up with Move For Hunger, an amazing organization that collects nonperishable food items and relocates them to your local food bank.

Our trailers are not climate-controlled. We recommend that you bring any items that don’t do well in extreme conditions, such as musical instruments or antiques, with you in your vehicle.

We’d be revved up to move your motorized equipment! Just don’t forget to run the fuel dry first.

Motorcycles and quads are not a problem. We can also move larger vehicles like cars and trucks if you’d like, but a third-party vehicle hauler is much more cost-effective. If you choose to go that route we’d be happy to arrange the service for you.

We know they’re part of the family, but pets are not allowed in the trucks.

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, our movers are the only ones who can move items onto the trucks. It’s a health and safety thing. Just sit back, relax and be available to answer any questions the crew may have.

While we would prefer to have you all to ourselves, we understand that sometimes these things are unavoidable. We are willing to share the space when necessary, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the job we are doing.

When it comes to packing material, we’ve got you covered. We carry cartons of all shapes and sizes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and stretch wrap.

No. We do have valuation coverage that you can purchase, but it’s best to check with your insurance provider first to find out if your current policy covers your move. There is a lower valuation that comes with every move.

While tips are a great way to acknowledge excellent service, our crews do not expect them. It’s completely up to you if you’d like to provide a tip, as is the amount you choose to give.