Moving Terminology

Moving Terminology

Your move is booked, your packing is underway. Soon Jay’s will arrive to load your belongings. Most of us don’t move regularly, so when the driver hands you the contract to transport your goods, you might get a ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look when you try to decipher it. At Jay’s, we want to take away any uncertainty you may have about your move, so here are a few key terms that will make things a little easier to understand. 

Bill of Lading The receipt for your goods and the contract for their transportation. This document has numerous copies that will be distributed to our admin staff, yourself, and your driver.

Booking Agent The agent or person who sells and registers your move.

Carrier The moving company (Jay’s!) handling the transport of your goods.

Estimate A calculation of the transportation charges based on shipment weight (for long distance moves), or labor hours (for local moves) and additional services requested by the customer.

Inventory A detailed list of your household goods and the condition of each of them. (This is provided for long distance moves or if your belongings are going into storage).

Origin Agent The moving company near the home you’re leaving responsible for performing the necessary services at the start of the move. As opposed to the Destination Agent, which is the agent near your destination providing the information and services needed at the conclusion of your move (at your new home).

Relocation Consultant The move coordinator assigned to your move. This will be the person surveying your home, providing your move estimate, and answering all your questions throughout the move process. Jay’s has a great team of experienced consultants across Saskatchewan ready to assist you with your move. 

Shuttle Service A smaller vehicle that is used to access residences that are inaccessible by bigger trucks or vans.

Valuation is a level of liability that movers assume. Ask your Relocation Consultant to explain the difference between full value protection and minimal protection. 

This list is not exhaustive, but it will increase your confidence on move day. 
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