Don't Forget to Make a Change of Address List

Change of address list

One of the easier to overlook tasks during your move might be informing everyone who needs to know about your change of address. With so many other items on your to-do list, it’s easy to miss, but can cause some serious headaches if you neglect to get it done! Our Jay’s moving experts have some tips to help you manage your change of address.

Many of us perform a considerable amount of our personal business transactions online, so if you’ve gone paperless, you will have fewer notifications to worry about. As long as you ensure that your internet connection is up and secure at the new place, you will be able to maintain contact with and make payments to your service providers.

For those of you who still get some or all of your bills in the mail, you need to sit down and make a list of who needs informing to avoid any costly missed payments or important correspondance. You should notify these providers by phone of your new address and note the date and the name of the person you gave your new info to on your change of address list.

Once you’ve managed these critical contacts, you should also do a change of address notification with Canada Post, so that your personal correspondance (and any other contacts you may have overlooked!) will find you.

With Canada Post’s Mail Forwarding Tool, you can change your address online, or if you prefer, visit your local postal outlet to so in person. There is a fee, which varies depending on your relocation and whether it is residential or for a business. You can choose between having your mail redirected for 4 months, or for 12 months. If you choose to purchase your mail forwarding service at the post office, you need to do so at least three days in advance of your move. You may also extend your forwarding service beyond the original purchase by visiting or the post office.

Don’t lose touch! Failing to keep in contact could cost you money, or it might mean that important personal connections are lost.