Office Moving Services

office moving

We talk a lot about household moves, but did you know Jay’s has a great deal of experience performing office moves? We understand your fears that an office move could create disruption to your business operation and that’s why we work closely with you through the entire move.

Effective planning is the cornerstone behind all successful office relocations. By developing a detailed action plan, your office move can be accomplished with minimum down time. From our initial walk-through all the way to ensuring each of your team is familiar and comfortable with their responsibilities during the move, our professional office movers will help you plan your move so that productivity and efficiency is not compromised.

You will appreciate the wealth of experience we can add to your team. When moving day comes, our experienced staff demonstrate our professionalism and efficiency. Important details like elevator capacities and door clearances are checked well in advance. An in-depth, coded floor plan will ensure each item being moved arrives at its proper location in the new facility. Planning, communication, assistance, and support – all part of Jay’s comprehensive office commercial relocation program. Getting you ‘open for business as usual’ as quickly as possible is our goal.

Contact us today and let us do what we do best – helping you stay laser-focused on what truly matters for your business!

office moving