Storage Options

outdoor storage container

Storage can be an important part of the moving process. Jay’s Transportation Group Ltd. offers clean, palletized storage in government-approved and fully insured warehouses at each of our locations.

The charges for storage are based on the actual weight of the household furniture and personal effects to be stored. There are four factors involved: pick up, delivery, warehouse handling (stowing and wrapping) and storage.

Many times, the sale of a home may depend on the agreement of a mutually satisfactory possession date. One of the families, in order to finalize their real estate transaction, may have to store their household goods for a short or long term. When this situation arises, you will need to have answers regarding price, procedures, and availability.

Specially built storage pallets provide individualized storage accommodation, with all goods being padded and wrapped first. Larger items such as carpets or sofas are carefully wrapped in protective plastic and stored on racks specially constructed to accommodate them.

Let us know if temperature-controlled storage is an option you require. If self-storage is better suited to your situation, Jay’s can accommodate your needs. We have self-storage locations at most of our branches.

indoor storage container