Settling into a New Home This Fall

Fall leaves and baseball in eavestrough

Settling into a new home this fall? Ensure you’re not overlooking important tasks while focusing on the more exciting work of unpacking all your boxes and making your new place feel like home. Some of the items on our list are specific to the fall season, and others are not! But let’s face it – this is a list for all homeowners – even those who’ve been in their homes for years.

  • Clean your gutters to prevent ice damming in the winter.
  • Replace your furnace filter.
  • Do you have a fireplace? Have it inspected and cleaned.
  • Be sure sprinkler lines and hose bibs are blown out before freeze-up.
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – does your new home have them? Are they in the correct locations? Install new batteries and perform a test to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • When arranging the furniture in your home, remember not to place it in front of or on top of vents so air can circulate.
  • Check the direction of ceiling fans – you want the blades to lift hot air in summer and push warm air downward in winter.
  • Could your new home use a lightbulb update? It’s an easy change that can improve the look and feel of a room and be more energy-efficient.
  • Clean the refrigerator condenser coils. They will be located on the back or across the bottom of your fridge. When coils are clogged with dust, pet hair, and cobwebs, they can’t efficiently release heat.
  • Clean out the lint from the dryer ducts – a clogged lint screen or duct drastically reduces the efficiency of your dryer, not to mention is a fire hazard.
  • Your new place will soon feel like home, and tackling the items on this list will give you peace of mind as you watch the temperatures plunge.