Packing Tips for Book Lovers

Woman writing books on moving box

These cold winter nights are the perfect time to cuddle up and spend the evening reading. If this sounds enticing to you, you’re probably a book lover. E-books are all right, and great for travelling, but nothing compares to a real book, with crisp pages for turning and restful, easy on the eyes, unlit print. The drawback with ‘real’ books is their lack of portability, at least in numbers. When you’re a book lover, it’s not difficult to amass a collection of books over the years. Having them all sorted on a wall of shelves is satisfying…until it’s time to move. The task of packing them all up can feel overwhelming, but we’ve got some tips to make it easier.

How to Pack your Books

  1. Take time to purge – as much as you love your books, there are probably some that you love less than others. If you didn’t enjoy a book, or know that you are never going to read it, get rid of it before the move. If it belongs to the library – return it!
  2. Choose the right moving box – books are heavy! Never pack a large carton with books. Neither you, nor the movers will be shifting that giant carton with 100 pounds of library material. Our smallest packing cartons – 2-cubes – are the perfect size for packing books. Be sure to ask us for plenty of those before you start packing.
  3. Pack ’em right – put larger books, such as textbooks, atlases or art books on the bottom of the box, alternating spines for stability. Then place smaller books on top. Paperbacks should always be loaded in flat to avoid bending the pages, but hardcovers may stand on edge, if this uses the space more efficiently. Stuff the odd spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap, so that the books don’t shift around during transit.
  4. Seal the boxes – with packing tape along all of the seams. This will prevent dust, moisture or insects from getting inside as well as reinforcing the box itself.

Now that you’ve boxed up your treasured books securely, our movers can transport them safely to your new home. Of course, you needn’t do all the work, our expert packers are happy to pack up your library for you, just ask!