Packing Your Home Office

couple packing office

Packing up your dishes and linens is pretty straight forward. One room in your house that may not feel so easy to tackle? Your home office!

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – start by purging! Have a scanner and shredder nearby and go through your files; shred anything that is no longer pertinent. Don’t forget the 7-year rule of thumb for keeping government documents. Specific details can be found here:

Create an organized digital file system for items you have scanned and don’t forget to back them up!

Use labeled file folders for the paperwork that you need to keep. File boxes are perfect for transporting your folders. Label the outside of the box clearly with its contents to make unpacking as easy and as organized as possible. Do you have books in your office that require packing? Look back to our blog post on Packing Tips for Book Lovers.

Whether your new office is a dedicated room, an empty closet, or a corner of the living room, a bit of extra effort ahead of the move will go a long way in contributing to the productivity in your new space. And hey, a new plant might help too. 😉