Packing Toys

Packing Toys

When it comes to packing toys for a move, we don’t play around! Proper organization and protection are key to ensure they arrive safely at your new home where exciting new playtime memories await! Here are some tips from the experts at Jay’s on how to pack toys effectively:

Declutter and Sort: Before packing, go through the toys and declutter. Set aside broken or unwanted toys for donation or disposal. This may be a great chance to get your children involved in the moving process by letting them choose which toys they are ready part with. Sort the remaining toys into categories, such as stuffed animals, action figures, board games, etc. This will help you pack and unpack more efficiently.

Gather Packing Materials: Collect suitable packing materials such as sturdy boxes in various sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, sealable plastic bags, and packing tape. These materials will help protect the toys during transit.

Disassemble Larger Toys: For larger toys like playsets or dollhouses, disassemble them as much as possible. Keep screws, bolts, and small parts together in labeled baggies or sealable plastic bags, and tape them securely to the larger toy or place them in a designated box for easy reassembly later.

Wrap Fragile or Delicate Toys: For delicate toys, wrap them individually with packing paper or bubble wrap to provide cushioning and prevent damage. Secure the wrapping with tape. Pay extra attention to any protruding or fragile parts.

Pack Toys in Boxes: Place similar types of toys together in appropriately sized boxes. Fill any gaps with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent shifting during transit. Ensure that the boxes are not too heavy to lift and that they can be sealed securely. Label each box with its contents, including the type of toys inside, to make unpacking easier.

Keep Favorite Toys Accessible: If there are specific toys your children want to have readily available at the new home, pack them separately in a clearly labeled box or bag. This will allow quick access to their favorite items during the transition.

Utilize Storage Bins or Bags: Consider using storage bins or large sealable bags for certain types of toys. They can be easily stacked and stored, and they provide additional protection against dust and moisture.

Transport Special or Valuable Toys Personally: If you have particularly valuable or sentimental toys, consider transporting them personally in your vehicle to ensure their safety.

Stay organized, arm yourself with bubble wrap armor, packing tape magic, and you’ll be ready to conquer the toy-packing battlefield like a superhero!