Jay's Transportation Group Ltd. Safety Program

tire retorque - working safely

“There is no single identifiable aspect of our daily activity that has more of a bearing on the success or failure of our business than safety.”

Providing all employees with a safe and quality work environment is one of the stated objectives of Mullen Group and Jay’s. As a subsidiary of Mullen Group, we strive for excellence in safety by hiring only those individuals who are committed to these same objectives.

  • We achieve excellence by providing on-going safety information and training.
  • We are committed to use only the most modern and up-to-date equipment available.
  • We undergo safety inspections that far exceed industry and regulatory requirements.
  • We adhere to stringent guidelines with respect to compliance with highway regulations.

Training: We employ three full-time driver trainers as part of our training and development of all drivers. This includes (PDIC) Professional Driver Improvement Courses and in-cab Job Task Observations. All our Freight drivers are trained and certified in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Jay’s measures specific Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”). Using these KPI helps to determine successes and failures, both of which help achieve a “Best-in-Class” benchmark and more importantly, forms the basis for improvement. We measure and report the following KPI to Mullen Group’s Corporate Office on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis:

Total Recordable Injuries Frequency (TRIF)
Quarter 3 = 1.00
Jay’s 2022 goal is < 3.5
Lost Time Claims (LTC)
Quarter 3 = 1.00
Jay’s 2022 goal is < 1
Gross Claims to Revenue (GCR)
Quarter 3 = .58%
Jay’s 2022 goal is < 1
Cargo claim-free delivery ratio
2022 YTD = 99.79%

View and download the Q3 Safety Program Handout.