Why we participate in the STA Safe Driving Program

2021 STA Safe Driver Pin

There is no single identifiable aspect of our daily activity that has more of a bearing on the success or failure of our business than safety.

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, he or she is at risk. Truck drivers are in the top 5 most dangerous careers in Canada. When a driver can safely execute their duties day in, day out, mile after mile, in all kinds of weather, they need to be applauded and acknowledged for their hard work and success.

By participating in the STA (Saskatchewan Trucking Association) Safe Driver Awards program, we ensure that our many safe drivers are not taken for granted. In our modern world where media draws so much attention to roadside accidents and bad driving skills, celebrating positive, safe behavior has never been more important.

By being recognized for their safe behavior, drivers are shown the value that Jay’s places on safety, and they’re more likely to continue that behavior and set a positive example for others. Appreciation for a job well done provides greater employee satisfaction, improved team culture and increased retention of quality drivers.

Participation in the STA Safe Driving Awards program provides drivers with a goal to strive towards. At Jay’s, safe drivers are recognized annually; drivers achieving milestone anniversaries of safe driving are given special recognition. Most recently, Jay’s celebrated the achievements of 179 safe drivers! (Awards are always presented for the previous full calendar year).