What to Pack Last

Moving box and tape

Some items may appear obvious to pack last – medications, toiletries, the bedding you’ve just slept on. But what about things like cleaning supplies? A small toolkit? Snacks?

You’ll want to do some cleaning after the movers have cleared everything out. And you’ll want to have access to all those supplies before you start unpacking in your new place, so have a good supply of cleaning products close by – including a vacuum, mop, rags, etc. Don’t pack away your garbage bags and paper towels either – those will come in handy at both places.

Shower curtains are often overlooked. Are you leaving it behind? Planning on having a new one in your new bathroom?  If so, be sure to purchase one in advance and know where it is before your family is ready to clean up at the end of the long day.

Having a small tool kit accessible is a smart idea. Stock it with a box cutter, duct tape, a tape measure, a multi-tip screwdriver and hammer with some screws and nails, a pair of scissors, and a small first aid kit, just in case.

Keep your charging cords handy.

Of course, your pet’s food and water dish will be packed last, along with their favorite toy. This holds true for kids too. Keep some toys that bring comfort nearby. Don’t forget snacks and drinks for everyone.

Try to save room in your car for these items; depending on the specifics of your move, it might be best to take them with you. Paying attention to what you pack last will go a long way in providing a sense of order amidst the flurry of move day.