Moving in Winter

Moving in Winter

Moving is often synonymous with summer – the kids are off school, which allows for more flexibility in your schedule, and the housing market is busier. But there are times when a move during the heart of winter is necessary.

Moving at this time of year can have its benefits. There is less competition for homes, which can corollate to getting more house for your dollar. Moving companies are less busy and have more dates available on their calendar. You can focus on unpacking and making your house a home without having a lot of yard work and outdoor distractions at the same time.

Let’s face it – moving in the winter can also have its downsides but if you are prepared, your move can be a smooth one.

Before the truck arrives, ensure that the driveway and sidewalks are free of snow. This means having a shovel handy amid the packing. Clear a wide spot where the truck will be parking to ensure the movers are kept safe while carrying your belongings. Salting or sanding the walkways is another good precaution.

If the weather isn’t cooperating, it’s wise to plan for delays. Travel time for the truck could be increased, as could loading and unloading times.

The door will be open for long periods of time on move day, and nothing will stop the cold air from entering your house. It’s smart to wear an extra layer – maybe a sweater and some slippers are in order? Speaking of staying warm, unpack the tea kettle early so you can make a hot drink!

Ask your Jay’s Relocation Consultant for further winter moving tips – they’ve helped countless families like yours move in all sorts of weather!