Downsizing Before Your Move

Downsizing Yard Sale

Many people are looking for ways to have less and do more, to downsize, declutter, and simplify both their living spaces and their finances. Millennials and seniors alike are moving into apartments, micro homes, condos, and other smaller dwellings. Jay’s movers have helped numerous families downsize to gain more freedom, so we have seen firsthand the difficulties that can arise.

Most of us have a lot of stuff, accumulated over years or decades, and purging items that you no longer need can bring a real sense of lightness. However, it can be hard to let things go, especially items that hold sentimental value, like the set of antique teacups you inherited from Great Grandma, or those children’s novels that inspired you in your youth. It might not feel right to you to sell these treasured things to just any random person that pops into your garage sale. We have a better idea…

Hold a House-leaving Party!

It’s kind of the opposite of a housewarming party. Invite your friends and present them with the things that you know they will treasure. Alternatively, you can just put out tables of things and invite them to choose whatever they like. Afterwards, you can hold that garage sale or donate the leftovers to your local charity of choice.

Clearing out the clutter before you move into a smaller home makes a lot more sense than paying us to move things that just won’t fit!