Commercial Move Planning

Jay's Commercial Move Planning

Household moving is a complex task, but commercial moving can be much more complicated with the added pressure that failing to perform the job efficiently could cause irreparable damage to your business. The key success lies in proper commercial move planning, and you can count on Jay’s for that.

We are Experienced Moving Planners

Our Saskatoon movers, Regina movers, and all our moving professionals across Saskatchewan are experienced with providing commercial move planning services, or if you have a commercial moving specialist, collaborating with them.

We have worked with others to coordinate the delivery of your shipment, scheduling around the availability of third-party service providers such as equipment installers, electricians or plumbers to provide the most efficient commercial move possible.

We understand that the continued success of your business may hinge on a well-organized relocation and the reduction or elimination of downtime for your operations.

Our experienced commercial moving consultants will work with you to create a thorough plan that addresses every possible aspect of your relocation including:

  • Establishing task and responsibility lists
  • Creating a detailed schedule, and
  • Priority lists – to get you back to regular business operations as quickly as possible.

Don’t leave anything to chance during your move; use Jay’s Commercial Moving Planning services to ensure that your business stays in business!