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Settling into a New Home This Fall

Settling into a new home this fall? Ensure you’re not overlooking important tasks while focusing on the more exciting work of unpacking all your boxes and making your new place feel like home. Some of the items on our list are specific to the fall season, and others are not!

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How to Make your New Home Feel Homey

How to Make your New Home Feel Homey

The best thing about being home is feeling at home. Home is where you can relax and be yourself, where you feel comfortable and safe. When you move to a new place, you might feel out of sorts at first, because your new place, no matter how nice, doesn’t feel

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Family and Truck Operator

Jay's and Atlas Canada

Jay’s became an agent for Atlas Van Lines in 1970. This means that for more than 50 years, we have built a mutual respect with this esteemed company. This association with Atlas is one of our most valued business relationships and we are proud to be part of the Atlas

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our cartons

Our Cartons Explained

Our boxes are available in various sizes – each designed to hold a specific volume. Two-cubic foot boxes are best for heavier items like books. Boxes that hold 4 cubic feet are great for packing things like toys or pots & pans; and 5 cubes are perfect for bulkier items

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Jay's Customer Testimonials

Nagtatampok ng Mga Kamakailang Testimonial ng Customer

Hindi lahat ng aming mga customer ay umalis sa mga pagsusuri sa Google; minsan ang kanilang puna ay dumating sa anyo ng isang teksto o email. Narito ang isang maliit na sampling ng magagaling na mga puna na natanggap namin mula sa aming mga customer kamakailan: Maraming salamat. Ang 4 na binata na nag-empake noong Sabado ay kamangha-mangha

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